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  2. Shweta Bansal

    Tried a lot “Best” “Senior” and so on psychiatrists in Nagpur. The day I ended up reading a answer on Quora which mentioned Dr. Rameez Shaikh excellent treatment, I feel there my journey of finding the “right doctor” for me, was over. 2 years later, now I am getting off my medications and almost completely healed from the deep psychological wounds and trauma I had. I 100% recommend him and writing this review only after I have experienced things. I can not emphasize enough on how good he is with what he does. To whoever reads this, you will be in good hands, I promise.

  3. Trishant Chotai

    Consulted Dr Shaikh at Mind & Mood Clinic in Sadar. Very good doctor. Heard and explored the entire problem in detail and then made his recommendation. The staff members are polite and efficient. The appointment started right on time (they have a prepayment policy and consultation is by appointment only) and we were given ample time (almost half and hour). We have been to 2 other top psychiatrists in Nagpur in the past but they never gave us time to explain our point and we never felt so understood with them as we did here in the first meeting itself. Highly satisfied.

  4. I believe Therapy is a collaborative process- a mutual exploration of your self. And the most important thing for any patient to recover is to FEEL SAFE with the therapist. The critical question you is this : Do you feel that your therapist is curious to find out who you are and what you, not some generic “diagnosed patient”, need ? Are you just a list of symptoms on some diagnostic questionnaire, or does your therapist take the time to find out why you do what you do and think what you think ?
    And exactly this was the best part of my experience with Dr. Rameez Shaikh.
    First, he actively “listened”. He didn’t judge me. He did not invalidate my feelings, emotions and actions. He made me feel safe. He become someone I could share my heart out (which is really important for someone dealing with uncomfortable emotions–(depression/anxiety are just diagnosis). The basic human needs are to be seen, to be heard. Most emotional issues comes when these needs are not met. So, he gave me this safe space where I was seen and heard objectively without any judgements. I opened up to many things in my present and past that I thought could have been causing all the troubles I was having. Then, he made sure we always communicate rather than just me speaking or him imposing some remedies. He did gave some practical tips. Always. Medicine was his last resort which I always appreciated. After giving some invaluable tips he ended with keeping them same or altering my medicines. To be honest, medicines did work for me but only for sometime. I think it can be a part of the process but medicines can never “cure” such conditions. And when after sometime, I always found myself back to the deep hole over and over again. I gave up. I started to look for another doctor. In the process, I was not taking responsibility to try what Dr. Rameez Shaikh had suggested and was rigid in staying in my comfort zone. I don’t go hard on myself either. It’s not easy. I know where I had been. It was darkness. I am writing this after 1 long year of giving up on the doctor, consulting a couple of doctors, and then eventually tapering off the last prescribed medicines myself and went the holistic way. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do this on their own. I took a risk. And, it has been paying off. I don’t miss the medicines at all. In fact, I am better off without them. But I do miss someone like Dr. Rameez Shaikh. Just to talk. Just to have someone who “listens”. I would say he really helped me a lot figure out myself. I think deep down he believes in the healing power that everyone has in their own hands and that he can be a guide, a friend, a helping hand who can show someone that. I wish I’d have given him the chance to complete my recovery. But this is to tell you, you are amazing Dr. Shaikh. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. Thank you for being a mentor. This is also to tell you that I am much better. I have started to befriend the uncomfortable emotions. I sit with my feelings. I don’t push them away. I have realized the fact that suffering and pain are inevitable. They are part of the deal we made when we signed up for a human experience. And that it’s not about what happens to you but how you choose to respond. I don’t let uncomfortable emotions to derail me anymore. Thank you again!
    P.S. I recommend you and everyone reading “The Body Keeps The Score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk. It’s a must read for all professionals I believe. And I am sure someone like you will definitely appreciate the read.
    Thank you again. Sending you lots of love. Stay safe Doc 🙂

  5. He helped me understand what I was going through. Our talks and his medicines have helped me get a lot better. His suggestions of coping with my problems have made this easy. I’d highly recommend him to anyone having a tough time. He’s an extremely good listener and takes into account all your issues. I can see myself overcoming this completely in the near future, all thanks to him.

  6. Very soft spoken, gave full time & listened to patient very attentively. Good experience on first visit.

  7. Very nice. Heard me out. He gave ample time and attention, and listened to everything that I had to say. The best part was that I was treated using psychotherapy, and with minimum use of medicine.

    When I had visited him, I had been contemplating suicide for some months, and it all seemed hopeless. But the first session itself was a relief. He explained in detail about the reasons behind the issues I was facing, and suggested corrective measures. And now, a month later, I am so much better and hopeful.

    Thank you so much Dr. Rameez Shaikh Sir

  8. Visited him at Mind & Mood Clinin after a friend recommended him. He made us comfortable from the start. My husband has been suffering from bipolar disorder and he would go through repeated cycles of mood swings and anger. Our family was falling apart. Thanks to Dr Rameez, my husband is doing much better now and we are hoping for even more improvement with further treatment.

  9. Visited him at Mind & Mood Clinic in Sadar, Nagpur after a friend recommended him. He made us comfortable from the start. My husband has been suffering from bipolar disorder and he would go through repeated cycles of mood swings and anger. Our family was falling apart. Thanks to Dr Rameez, my husband is doing much better now and we are hoping for even more improvement with further treatment.

  10. Visited him with a friend of mine who was going through depression. He’s best psychiatrist in nagpur. My friend has been getting better and I’ve been noticing a lot of positive changes over the last few months.

  11. Dr Rameez Shaikh is the first person whom i would really term as a “doctor”. One thing that put me together as a human is his tendency to not just starting to scribe medicines on a piece of paper. He listens, understands, guides, then explains the course of treatment and then finally prescribes some medicines that you require. Not only is he a very professional doctor but he is a very good human as well. I will highly recommend anyone to pay him at least one visit and then he/she will realize what a good doctor actually means. You WILL get better, that’s what i can say with surety. Be good.

  12. Excellent experience.

    Dr Rameez Shaikh acted as a savior for our marriage. My husband and I visited him when relations between us were on the rocks. He listened patiently and in a non-judgmental way to each of us, and I was especially relieved that I could open up to him without any apprehension about my confidentiality not being maintained. He suggested a few measures for us to take, and we found ourselves bonding just as we used to in our courtship period. Over 4 sessions, we have not only been able to save our marriage, but it seems like I have found an old friend in my husband again.

  13. I have been getting treatment for anxiety and depression and OCD. Dr Rameez is a very knowledgeable psychiatrist. I had left hope to live, doctor saved my life. I recommend him to every person suffering from the same. I like the way he talks, and explains the illness and knows beforehand everything. Thank you sir

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  15. dr. rameez shaikh is Best psychiatrist doctor in Nagpur. no medication just counseling. good result for suicidal thoughts

  16. Dr. shaikh is psychiatrist in nagpur, maharashtra and good result for depression and negative thoughts

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