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Signs of low testosterone

Testosterone levels drop due to the foods we eat, our lifestyle, and over ejaculation! It has been shown that excessive ejaculation will reduce lower the amount of Testosterone levels in men due to a hormone released call “prolactin” which inhibits Testosterone levels and leads to sleepiness, lethargy, brain fog, and depression.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone


  1. Difficulty concentrating
  2. lack of motivation
  3. depression
  4. mood swings
  5. irritable
  6. low sex drive
  7. difficulty with erection
  8. low sperm count
  9. unexplained hair loss
  10. hot flashes
  11. low bone density
  12. increased body fat
  13. problems sleeping
  14. constant fatigue

Treatment and Sex Therapy at Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur.

Sexual problems requires medication as well as counseling to understand the root cause and treat accordingly. Many a times we avoid seeing sexologist due to the stigma and self-ego. In India, People prefers going to physician or ayurvedic/ homeopathic doctors for sexual problems and avoid sexologist unless its severe. People have myth about allopathic medication and always associate this with side effects. Allopathic medicines are safe if taken under supervision of doctors. Meet our Sexologist in Nagpur Dr. Rameez Shaikh who helps the patients with latest and scientific treatment for your sexual problem. Dr. Rameez Shaikh (MBBS, MD, MIPS) is one of the best sexologist in Nagpur & Psychiatrist and offers quality services for Male & Female Sexual Problems in Sadar, Nagpur.

20 thoughts on “Signs of low testosterone”

  1. Dr. Rameez shaikh is best sexologist in nagpur. First he removed the stigma about sexual problem and made me comfortable discussing sexual problem. I was misguided by many doctor who just used to prescribe medicines for 4 to 6 months. I have spent more than 50 thousand rupees in treatment by such doctors who claims to be sexologist without any degree. Dr. Rameez shaikh is certified sexologist in nagpur with affordable treatment.

  2. Dr. Shaikh is sexologist in nagpur with great result for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Affordable and quality care in sadar, Nagpur

  3. One of the best clinic for ED treatment. Doctors are really expert and well qualified. They have so much experience. Thanks Dr. Shaikh

  4. एकदा तरी भेट द्यावी असे हे क्लिनिक आहे…….. खूप छान Result मिळतो

  5. Excellent experience of having treatment at Dr. Rameez Shaikh. The services are well addressed with complete comfort. Best hospitality and medical facilities. I would recommend Dr. Shaikh to every one for his exceptional medical practices.

  6. राकेश कपरे

    बहुत बेहतरीन डॉक्टर है रमीज़ शेख़। अच्छी counseling करते है सर

  7. नैराश्य, चिंता, तणाव, मन समस्या उपचार डॉ. रमीज शेख

  8. It is always a new experience to visit Mind & Mood Clinic for the healing of Erection Problem. Both Dr and staff made me feel better and helped me to stay positive and enjoy each moment of time spend here.

  9. Fantastic clinic staff dr. shaikh in huge building lawn space to sit wait on main road near haldiram, sadar. For all Male sexual problems

  10. Hitesh Salvatore

    My friend was facing masturbation addiction and spoiling his life even after marriage .he came to dr. Rameez Shaikh to get tips from doctor to get ride of this habit.so far the result are appreciated.

  11. Very best clinic for penis enlargement …I m also patient …My problem solved in just 1 month course …I have recommend this clinic of my relatives and friends …

  12. I was suffering from sexual problem and erectil dysfunction from last 2 years but after taking treatment from mind & mood clinic, nagpur , now i am feeling very best. strongly recommend.thanks to sir.

  13. Anandrao Paikot

    After the marriage I started feeling sexual weakness, hence a friend asked me to visit a sex specialist. Got an appointment and discussed the entire problem. Doctor gave medicines along with few tips to recover soon.

  14. Recently I met a sex problem doctor who analyzed the reason for the impotence in me and assured for quick recovery. He also suggested diet and tips for a healthy lifestyle and stay fit for sexual pleasure

  15. Bahut he ache doctor hair. .meri sadiSuda zindgi Ko kushhaal banne me meri bhahut madad ki hai…ab main apni Patni Ko ache see santust kar pata hu

  16. Virendra Kambhoj

    Hello ,Meri sadi Ko 2 sal ho gya tha …m sadi k baad sex me bhut problme face kar rha tha jaise ki jaldi semen nikal jana …tab maine nagpur me sexologist ko serch kiya tho Dr. Rameez shaikh ka naam samne aaya ..tho doctor se milne k baad ab main apni sadi suda zindgi ko bhut ache se enjoy kar pa rha hu…bhut hi achi davaiya hai sir nai ….

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