Dr. Rameez Shaikh

Dr. Rameez Shaikh (MBBS, MD, MIPS) is a consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist in Nagpur and works at Mind & Mood Clinic. He believes that faith-based treatment, encompassing spiritual, physical, and mental health, will provide you with the long-lasting knowledge and tool to find happiness and wholeness again.  In his spare time, he’s an aspiring singer and writer. 

paranoid personality disorder

Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD)

Know someone who has a paranoid worldview and is intensely suspicious and untrusting of others? Here’s how to identify PPD and assist your loved one in receiving care. What is paranoid personality disorder (PPD)? A long-term habit of mistrust and suspicion of people without good cause is a sign of paranoid personality disorder (PPD), a …

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Best Sexologist in Nagpur

Sexual Problems in Females

Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur  is pleased to provide our patients a comprehensive sexual health treatment. Our doctors are all extensively trained in sexual health, from STI identification, men’s health, and other sexual wellness problems. Female Sexual Problems  Symtoms Depending on the sort of sexual dysfunction you’re dealing with, you’ll notice different symptoms: Low Sexual …

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panic attack treatment

Rapid Hearbeat, Ghabrahat and Chest pain even after Normal ECG May be symptoms of Panic Attack !

Panic disorder affects around a quarter of individuals who see their doctor for treatment of chest discomfort. Patients with chest discomfort typically go undiagnosed and untreated for panic disorder, resulting in frequent visits and significant morbidity. A panic attack is a brief period of high anxiety accompanied by fearful bodily feelings. A racing heart, shortness …

Rapid Hearbeat, Ghabrahat and Chest pain even after Normal ECG May be symptoms of Panic Attack ! Read More »

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