Erectile dysfunction doctor in Nagpur

Why am I having trouble penetrating my girlfriend?

Why am I having trouble penetrating my girlfriend?

Experiencing difficulty with penetration during intimacy can be attributed to various causes, each requiring careful consideration. Here are 10 possible reasons in detail: Performance Anxiety: Description: Feeling anxious or pressured about sexual performance can lead to physical manifestations of stress, affecting the ability to achieve penetration. Impact: Anxiety may result in muscle tension, making it …

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Best Sexologist in Nagpur

Sexual Problems in Females

Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur  is pleased to provide our patients a comprehensive sexual health treatment. Our doctors are all extensively trained in sexual health, from STI identification, men’s health, and other sexual wellness problems. Female Sexual Problems  Symtoms Depending on the sort of sexual dysfunction you’re dealing with, you’ll notice different symptoms: Low Sexual …

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Low Testosterone Treatment

Low Testosterone Treatment in Nagpur

The male sex hormone is testosterone. It’s manufactured in the testicles. Hormones are essential for both physical and emotional well-being. Testosterone is required for the following functions: Male sexual development and functioning . Developing facial hair and a deeper voice in growing boys Muscle mass and strength. Sperm production by men. Sex desire in men. …

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