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Stress Treatment- Nagpur- Dr. Rameez Shaikh

What is Stress Response ?

Stress is the body’s reaction triggered by the perception of danger – REAL OR IMAGINED. When you feel threatened, a chemical reaction occurs in your body that allows you to act in a way to survive serious and life-threatening situations. This reaction is known as the “Fight-Flight-Freeze” response. It’s a primitive part of your physical nature and can be triggered in a single INSTANT. Here’s how it works.

When faced with danger, your body will access the situation and determine which response – Fight, Flight, or Freeze – would give you the greatest chance of
survival, then acts on it!

  • If the danger you’re facing looks weaker than you – you will go into FIGHT mode and try to defeat it.
  • If the danger you’re facing looks stronger than you – but slower – you will go into FLIGHT mode and try to outrun it.
  • If the danger you’re facing looks stronger and faster than you – you will FREEZE and hope the danger passes.

Fight Flight or Freeze

  • The lion represents The FIGHT Response. The lion attacks when threatened, using its strength, teeth and claws to defend itself.
  • The rabbit represents The FLIGHT Response. Using its speed and the power in his legs, the rabbit quickly hops away at the first sign of danger.
  • The mouse represents The FREEZE Response. The mouse stays completely still in silence, while it waits for the danger to pass.

What I tell Myself When I Have an Intrusive Thought ( How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts)


  1. My brain is sending me FALSE messages.
  2. These messages are NOT facts. They are nothing more than THOUGHTS.
  3. I will NOT ACT on these thoughts or RESIST these thoughts. Doing so will make them stronger.
  4. These thoughts survive solely on MY REACTION, and I REFUSE to entertain them.
  5. Instead, I will acknowledge them, accept them, and simply LET THEM BE.
  6. I will do my best to RELAX and let them PASS.
  7. Every time an unwanted thought creeps up, I will greet it with the same RELAXED acceptance over and over, until it eventually goes away.
  8. I know that by removing my fear, these thoughts LOSE THEIR POWER and will drift away.
  9. I acknowledge HOW I am feeling in this very moment.
  10. I am strong and WILL get through this.
  11. This feeling WON’T last forever.
  12. I have felt this way before and NOTHING bad happened.
  13. I get STRONGER each time I ignore these thoughts.
  14. I will NOT give them power over me.
  15. I may not be able to control my thoughts but I CAN control how I RESPOND.
  16. This is tough, but SO AM I.
  17. I release ALL doubts and fears and invite PEACE and CALM into my life.
  18. All I need is within ME.
  19. I AM SAFE.

Stress Treatment in Nagpur


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