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Healthy VS. Unhealthy Relationship

Good relationship definition can  one person to another, but most people would probably agree that companionship, respect, mutual emotional support, economic security, sexual expression, and, often, childrearing, are all important parts of an adult relationship. 


Signs of Healthy Love


  • Allows for individuality .
  • Brings out partners’ best qualities .
  • Accepts endings .
  • Experiences openness to change .
  • Invites growth in the partner .
  • Experiences true intimacy .
  • Finds pleasure in giving & receiving .
  • Does not try to change partner .
  • Does not try to control partner .
  • Accepts limitations of self & partner .
  • Does not seek unconditional love .
  • Has individual high self-esteem .
  • Trusts the memory of the partner .
  • Expresses feelings spontaneously .
  • Welcomes affection & closeness .
  • Believes in equality

“Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but they are always perfect for you.”

Signs of Unhealthy Love


  • Feelings consumed in the relationship .
  • Extremely afraid to let go .
  • Excessive fear of risk or change .
  • Little individual growth .
  • Few truly intimate experiences .
  • Playing mind games .
  • Trying to get something by giving .
  • Trying to change people .
  • Needing others to feel secure & happy .
  • Refusing to commit .
  • Repeatedly experience of negative feelings .
  • Being afraid of affection & closeness .
  • Cares with excessive detachment .
  • Frequent playing of “power games” .
  • Looking to others for self-worth

When to Consult Psychotherapist or counselor  ?

If you see red flag signs in relationship such as

  • you have recurring arguments about the same issues that are never resolved.
  • you don’t do things together as much as before like going out and finding solution to the problem.
  • you feel unhappy and irritable with each others.
  • you have sex less often than previously you used to have.
  • Your partner spends increasing time on activities and interests  outside the relationship.

What is the Goals of Relationship/ Marriage Counseling? 

  • Eliminate Emotional Breaks, Isolation, and Avoidance
  • Identify Couples’ Strengths
  • Eliminate isolation, irritability and Emotional Breaks.
  • Improve Communication
  • Address and Eliminate Problematic  Behaviors.

What Services do Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur Provide ?

We are specialty clinic for Neuropsychiatry, Sexology and Counseling. We have been providing workshop, online as well as offline Coaching and Counseling for problematic Relationship. Counseling are 100 % confidential and individualized according to the problem. We are located centrally in Nagpur and easily accessible.

Details :

Mind & Mood Clinic

Address : Anjuman Complex, F/12 , 1st Floor, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001



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