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Top 10 ways to cope up with divorce or breakup

Coping with a breakup or divorce can be difficult and painful. Every relationship is unique and needs different approach and therapy for healing. These are some of the tips which can be helpful.

1. Separate yourself.

Accept that you can’t go from “lovers” to “friends” and that you need space to heal.

2. Try to forgive, Don’t try to forget.

Denial won’t get you anywhere. The good and the bad memories remain. Accept them and work towards forgiving.

3. Practice self-care.

Care for yourself the same way you once cared for your relationship.

4. Don’t take it personally.

Your worth is not defined by the success of a relationship.

5. Don’t go back.

It didn’t work for a reason. Don’t think that rekindling things will be the answer to your loneliness. If it wasn’t worth saving the first time, work toward moving on.

Dr. Rameez Shaikh ” Remember that not getting what you want is sometime a wonderful stroke of luck “

6. Find the lesson.

Learn from your successes and failures in your last relationship so you can use what you’ve learned to better yourself for the next relationship.

7. Write it out

Take the time to write down every-thing you feel but can’t speak out loud. Speaking all that’s on your mind or in your heart may not be the best response, but it’s good to get out your feelings in some way.

8. Feel it to heal it

Don’t push your feelings away. Allow feelings to come and go like a wave. Start a mindfulness practice to deal with difficult emotions.

9. Channel your energy

Go for a run. Hit the gym. Jam out to inspirational breakup music. Change the aura of your space-paint the walls or rearrange your furniture.

10. Reflect on the relationship 

Make a list of what worked. Make a list of what didn’t work. What part did you play in the relationship ending? . Forgive yourself. How are you a better person since being in the relationship? Examine reoccurring relationship patterns. Examine your beliefs about yourself (i.e. I am not good enough, I am bad at relationships).

Therapy for Breakup or Divorce

Experiencing a breakup can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression, especially if the relationship that ends was a serious one. A Psychotherapist can help address any self blame or guilt  that may be experienced and help a person come to terms with the end of the relationship.

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