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Sexual Disorder – Paraphilias

Paraphilias are also called as sexual perversion disorder. It is characterized by intense, recurrent, sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviors. The chapter on paraphilic disorders includes eight conditions: exhibitionistic disorder, fetishistic disorder, frotteuristic disorder, transvestic disorder, pedophilic disorder, sexual masochism disorder, sexual sadism disorder, and voyeuristic disorder.

Voyeuristic Disorder- Dr. Rameez Shaikh

Voyeuristic Disorder

Spying on others in who are engaging in private activities. ‘peeping tom' behavior involves compulsive fantasizing about and/or acting out engaging in spying on someone (who does not know they are being observed) in the act of disrobing.

Frotteuristic Disorder Treatment- Dr. Rameez Shaikh

Frotteuristic Disorder

Touching or rubbing against another person who has not consented to participate in such activity. Like exhibitionism and other impulse control disorders, frotteurism tends to involve a cycle of tension buildup that is relieved by acting out in ‘exciting' ways.

exhibitionistic disorder treatment- Dr. Rameez Shaikh

Exhibitionistic Disorder

It involves a behavior to display one's private parts to strangers. Like gamblers, pyromaniacs and other impulse-junkies, exhibitionists cycle through periods of increasing tension that are only relieved by the ‘rush' of exposing themselves to strangers (occasionally accompanied by masturbation).

Fetishistic Disorder Treatment - Dr. Rameez Shaikh

Fetishistic Disorder

Frequently, fetish objects are garments such as shoes, underwear, panties or bras. They may be made of particular materials such as leather or rubber. It is common for a person with a fetish to not be able to achieve orgasm without involving their fetish object in the sexual act (e.g., by getting their partner to wear the fetish object).

Transvestic Disorder Treatment - Dr. Rameez Shaikh

Transvestic Disorder

A male dresses in female clothing.

masochism treatment - dr. rameez shaikh

Sexual Masochism / Sadism Disorder

Inflicting or receiving bondage, humiliation, or suffering on another person during sexual activities

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