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“Sex Drug ” MD – Meow Meow Drug- Mephedrone – Dr. Rameez Shaikh

Mephedrone is a powerful stimulant that’s often compared to drugs like cocaine and ecstasy. It is known by many names such as 4-MMC, Bounce, Bubble, Charge, Drone, M-CAT, M-Smack, MC, Meow Meow, Meph, Miow, White Magic. It consumption has increased in post covid era due to interpersonal conflict and stress. Nagpur city cops have seized MD ” Sex Drug”  worth 50 Lakhs in last 7 months. It is popularly used as sex stimulant by many users.

How does it looks, smell and Taste ?

A very fine white or off white powder. People have compared the smell to cat pee, and say that it tastes metallic and foul.

How do users take it ?

It is taken by multiple route such as snorting, swallowing, capsules or by injecting.

Snorting is the most common way of taking MD drug. Some people wrap the powder in a cigarette paper and swallow it also known as bombing. Mephedrone can also be found in capsules and tablets, but this is much less common. Injecting mephedrone, as with other stimulants, is very risky because of the fast-action. Users often feel the need to redose too, which can result in serious overdose.

What are Risk of Taking Mephedrone ?

Physical health risks :

  • There are several deaths a year  from people taking mephedrone.
  • Some users have reported blue or cold fingers –  because mephedrone affects the cardiovascular system
  • Some users have had severe epistaxis after snorting mephedrone.
  • It risks overstimulating and damaging your cardiovascular system
  • It risks overstimulating your brain, which may cause hallucinations, feelings of agitation and even fits.
  • Injecting mephedrone is particularly dangerous due to overdose.

Mental health risks such as

  • insomnia
  • loss of short-term memory
  • Tiredness
  • Impaired concentration

Treatments for MD Drug Addiction

The withdrawal symptoms that you may encounter while giving up MD drug addiction involves – stuffy nose, lack of concentration, a considerable increase in appetite, craving the substance, irritability and others.In general, the mephedrone deaddcition process involves multiple steps which include: Detailed Assessment, Detoxification, Psychological Therapies and Recreational Activities.

If you are experiencing any issues with drug addiction or wish to inquire about the mephedrone deaddiction, don’t hesitate to call us. Book your appointments with Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur @ 918208823738 or visit www.hellomind.in

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