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Inability to Orgasm – Orgasmic dysfunction


Many women have issues with sexual function at one point or another in their lives. The inability to attain orgasm is one of the most prevalent issues. This may happen to anyone at any age. The condition might be caused by both physical and psychological reasons. The following are some of the most prevalent causes:

  1. Hormonal changes in the postpartum period and throughout menopause
  2. Illness that lasts a long time
  3. Anxiety or stress
  4. Antidepressants, blood pressure meds, and antihistamines are examples of drugs.

Treatment and Diagnosis

If the condition is having a negative impact on a patient’s life or relationship, they should discuss their concerns with their doctor. During the appointment, the doctor may inquire about prior sexual, medical, and psychiatric histories in order to determine what factors may be contributing to the issue. The doctor may be able to address any underlying medical concerns, change any existing drugs that may be impacting the condition, or advise relaxation strategies to improve comfort during sexual activity using this information.

Patients are advised to discuss their problems with their partners in addition to obtaining medical care. Improved communication can lead to more intimacy, which can help alleviate discomfort.

Who to See for Anorgasmia

A sexologist or sexual therapist is the best person to help you with anorgasmia. These professionals are experts in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, and they would first confirm the diagnosis with a series of blood tests. Hormone levels, blood sugar, and vaginal blood flow will be assessed as part of a full neurological examination. If medical disorders are the source of anorgasmia, managing or controlling these conditions is critical to anorgasmia care. Anorgasmia may not be entirely healed if it is caused by damaged nerves or trauma to the vaginal region. You can consult at Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur for Sexual related problems . Dr. Rameez Shaikh, MD is Consultant Psychiatrist and Sexologist Certified from Mumbai.



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