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Migraine – Symptoms and Treatment

Migraine is a medical illness characterised by severe, recurrent headaches as well as other signs and symptoms. A migraine attack is a specific sort of headache. An episode generally happens in stages and might last a few days. Severe instances can have a negative impact on a person’s day-to-day life, such as their capacity to work or study.

Migraine can impact people in a variety of ways, with variable causes, intensity, symptoms, and frequency. Some people have many episodes every week, while others only have them once in a while.

Migraine comes with intense, throbbing pain and causes severe impairment in daily functioning. During migraine various organs are involved and their symptoms are as follows:

  1. BRAIN : During a migraine attack, neurotransmitters get released causing inflammation and pain. In most patients, pain is usually felt one-sided and can extend to the neck and jaw as well
  2. HEAD: the patient can also experience dizziness and vertigo due to involvement of the brainstem.
  3. STOMACH: the patient can experience nausea or vomiting after a headache. Changes in hormones level can also play a role.
  4. EYES : The patient can complain of photophobia or sensitivity to light due to involvement of the thalamus
  5. EARS : Up to 3/4 patients can also complain of increased sensitivity to sound. Loud noise can also precipitate Migraine attacks.
  6. NOSE: In about 50 percent of patients, pain can also activate parasympathetic nervous syn=sytem and causes watery nose or red eyes.
  7. VISION: The patient can also experience flashing lights, halos, or temporary blind spots.

What is the treatment for migraines?

Treatment is usually divided into acute and preventive treatment.

Acute treatment is used for active but short-term treatment of migraine attacks. Preventive treatments of migraines include lifestyle alterations medications, nutritional supplements lastly surgery.

We at Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur help our patients through managing triggers for migraines such as stress management, diet modification, and improved sleep habits. We can also provide therapy such as progressive muscle relaxation for the prevention of migraine attacks. Book now for Migraine treatment online or offline.

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