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10 Tips for Anger Management

Feeling angry is a natural and basic emotional response to certain life experiences. It occurring at times when we come under attack, feel deceived, insulted, or frustrated .

Anger helps to release built up  tension and anger . While we have learnt that expressing anger can be a healthy way of managing the emotion, when excessive, it can become a problem. Excessive anger may even be a symptom of more complex issues; it can be a symptom of, and contribute to, certain mental health problems and sometimes make existing problems worse.

When out of control, anger can become destructive. It can significantly impact quality of life – affecting your relationships, your career and overall well-being. However, there are ways to control your anger more effectively and lessen the impact it’s having on your daily life. This page will explore anger in more detail, including the signs to spot and anger management therapy.

Expressing anger can be a healthy way of managing emotions but when excessive it can become a problem. It can affect the quality of life such as affecting your personal and professional life. We


  1. REMOVE YOUR TRIGGERS -Get away from whatever got you angry. Either remove it or walk away from it.
  2. TAKE A DEEP BREATH- As you breathe in your stomach expands, as you breathe out your stomach will become smaller.
  3. DISTRACT- Do something else (clean, breathe, etc.)
  4. TALK TO SOMEONE -Anyone you trust, get some venting in or use this as a distraction.
  5. COMEDY & HUMOR -Watch something that makes you laugh!
  6. APOLOGIZE- If you are at fault or overreacted, own up! It’s hard but it helps.
  7. ENJOY SOMETHING -Whatever you love doing, do it.
  8. CLEAN OR ORGANIZE -Cleaning and organizing is a great outlet for anger.
  9. EXERCISE- I am sure you’ve heard of this. Exercise as an outlet for your bubbling anger.
  10. GET COUNSELING -Nothing seems to help or the anger Is overwhelming. Find a psychiatrist to help you figure out what works for you.

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist Dr Rameez Shaikh Provides Anger Management Therapy in Nagpur and aims to reduces the feeling of anger by identifying the root cause  and helping to develop coping skills. Dr. Shaikh provides one-to-one sessions and online sessions and workshops.  We use mindfulness and CBT based techniques to manage your anger issues.

The main aims of anger management therapy include:

  • Identifying why you get angry.
  • Changing the way you respond to anger.
  • Learning skills to handle anger effectively.
  • Teaching you how to use anger to motivate or solve problems.
  • Teaching you how to communicate effectively.

Anger management therapy typically lasts between four and six weeks, though course duration will depend on your individual circumstance. During sessions, you’ll work with the counsellor to learn specific skills and thought processes, tailored to your needs. Anger management therapy tends to include at-home tasks such as journal writing, and various exercises that help you develop the techniques learnt in the session.

By recognising and accepting anger problems, you can start to understand how to use the emotion in a safe and healthy way. During anger management therapy, you’ll learn how to pinpoint your frustrations early on, so they can be resolved in a way that allows you to express your needs, while remaining calm and in control. Essentially, anger management can help you reach your goals, solve problems and rebuild any damage that may have occurred as a result of your anger.


Dr. Rameez Shaikh is experience in handling anger issues and

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