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10 Tips for Anger Management (एंगर मैनेजमेंट) during Coronavirus Lockdown (क्रोध प्रबंधन )

Managing Anger and Irritability during coronavirus ‘lockdown’


Everyone is experiencing a huge amount of loss in personal as well as professional, Many people have lost their loved ones and lost normality of routine and contact with family and friends. As the COVID- 19 cases surges in India, Government has imposed strict lockdown in many parts of the country. Due to uncertainty and personal losses, people are experiencing more anger and irritability due to COVID- 19. We need to change our relationship with anger, and by learning how to be a good host to the emotion, we can utilize it rather than attempting to run away from it, avoid it or destroy it.

Think about these 10 tips when you feel anger or irritable :


  1. REMOVE YOUR TRIGGERS –  Get away from whatever got you angry. Either remove it or walk away from it.
  2. TAKE A DEEP BREATH– As you breathe in your stomach expands, as you breathe out your stomach will become smaller.
  3. DISTRACT– Do something else (clean, breathe, etc.)
  4. TALK TO SOMEONE -Anyone you trust, get some venting in, or use this as a distraction.
  5. COMEDY & HUMOR -Watch something that makes you laugh!
  6. APOLOGIZE– If you are at fault or overreacted, own up! It’s hard but it helps.
  7. ENJOY SOMETHING -Whatever you love doing, do it.
  8. CLEAN OR ORGANIZE -Cleaning and organizing is a great outlet for anger.
  9. EXERCISE– I am sure you’ve heard of this. Exercise as an outlet for your bubbling anger.
  10. GET COUNSELING -Nothing seems to help or the anger Is overwhelming. Find a psychiatrist to help you figure out what works for you.

Seeking help and treatment for irritability and Anger Management


At Mind & Mood Clinic, Nagpur we understand that anger can be a challenging emotion to experience and manage. If you are struggling with your irritability and anger management and feel that you would benefit from some professional help, We are providing support through video conferences in response to COVID-19 so that people can still access treatment during this time of social distancing.

At Mind & Mood Clinic, our online therapy service – gives you the opportunity to receive assessments and therapy from your own home. You can speak to a highly trained Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist Dr. Rameez Shaikh who will listen to your experiences and help you to find a way to effectively manage your anger going forward.


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